Monday, August 25, 2014

Gardeners BEE-Ware! Report on Neonicotinoids in your Bee Friendly Plants!


For those who haven't seen this report yet.
Please take a look.
The report was Drafted by Pesticide Research Institute on what they found in "Bee Friendly" plants at Big Box Stores.
Also information on the toxicity of the major Consumer Brands of garden pesticides sold at these box stores.

Remember these pesticides affect all the pollinators not only Honeybees!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Few More Photos from National Honeybee Day

The Stars of the Show! 
Booth At the Berkeley Farmers' Market
The Best Worker Bees Ever!
More of the Best Worker Bees!
Photos by Susan Mac Kenzie and Bonnie Borucki

Monday, August 18, 2014

Honey Bee Awareness Day at Berkeley Farmers' Market

Photos by Cecilia Stolzer-Grote
A small protest at Bayer Corporation was fun lots of cars honking in support! But the real star was the booth at the Berkeley Farmers' Market. We were swamped all day with people wanting to know why the bees are dying and what they can do to help. We even had some of Berkeley's Finest asking about how to help save the bees!
A successful day all around! 

Many thanks to:
    • Ecology Center Farmer’s Market 
    • BeeAgainstMonsanto
    • We Bee Gardeners
    • Westbrae Nursery
    • Transition Berkeley
    • The Berkeley PD
    • Green Peace Oakland
    • Organic Consumers Association
    • Friends of the Earth
    • Pesticide Action Network
    • The City Of Berkeley
    • Mayor Tom Bates and his staff
    • Occupella
    • Bonnie, Ally, Rachael and Dan
    • Bee Keepers Everywhere

...and of course, THE BEES!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mayor Tom Bates Proclaims August 16 as HONEY BEE AWARENESS DAY in the City of Berkeley!

Thank you Mr. Mayor and your great staff!

Swarm the East Bay Fast Approaching

  • Hi all you busy BEES! Tomorrow is the Day.
  • Bee at the Civic Center Park At 11:AM Show your support.
  • Occupella Sings at 12:30 at the Farmers Market
  • Flash Mob at 1PM or a little after with Occupella IN CIVIC CENTER PARK
  • Bike Swarm leaves BART station at 1:30 (See Map)
  • Mayor Tom Bates is Proclaiming tomorrow HONEY BEE AWARENESS DAY!
  • Meet at Bayer at 2PM for a BEE IN.
  • March the Perimeter of the Bayer Campus, Die in At Gates


Bee Cycle Ride

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson Sells his Soul

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how he feels selective breeding is the same as gene splicing...

Digital Rendering by Christine Rossi Art ©2012

And the counter arguments....

In the Secret History of Lead, Jamie Lincoln Kitman remarks:
“The leaded gas adventurers have profitably polluted the world on a grand scale and, in the process, have provided a model for the asbestos, tobacco, pesticide and nuclear power industries, and other twentieth-century corporate bad actors, for evading clear evidence that their products are harmful by hiding behind the mantle of scientific uncertainty.”  
GMOs are man-made life forms created to do things that are otherwise not permitted in nature. Under the laws of nature, no organisms including microbes, plants, or animals are allowed to generate offspring outside of their own species. In effect, no species can breed with any other species to reproduce a fertile offspring of either species. For instance, a microbe cannot breed with a cow to generate a calf, or the other way round. GMOs are not the same as hybrids. For instance, horse and donkey are closely related species. Mule is a hybrid offspring of a female horse and a male donkey. Occasionally, a female mule may produce an offspring, but never a genetically distinct mule, horse or donkey.In this sense of the word, GMOs are not the same as hybrids. GMOs are created by inserting a gene of interest from a certain species into a completely unrelated species. In doing so, the recipient species is fooled into adopting the functional characteristics of the donor species. For instance, by inserting the human insulin gene into E. coli bacteria, one can get this E. coli to secrete typically human insulin. The same can be done for other products, such as Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH).

The most commonly known GMOs are seeds that are claimed to enhance food and agricultural yields under cover of certain herbicides and pesticides, such as Glyphosate, Bt-toxin, etc. The fact is that GMO crops, such as canola, corn, cotton, soy etc., cannot thrive without the aid of such herbicides/pesticides. Therefore, the public health risk of cultivating and eating such crops is attributed to not only the GMOs, but also the attendant herbicides and pesticides.

- See more at:

May be he should stick to AstroPhysics!

Friday, August 1, 2014



We will be having a sign painting and costume making day on 

Saturday, August 9th.

Studio 31, The Sawtooth Building
2547 8th Street
Berkeley between Dwight and Parker
10AM to 5PM
There will be materials but any extra donations will be appreciated!