Thursday, September 25, 2014

Breaking News! Seattle Bans Neonics!


On Monday, September 22nd, 2014 the Seattle City Council overwhelmingly approved an ordinance, R. 31548, that bans the use of products containing Neonicotinoids.

The Resolution states:
• The City of Seattle will NOT purchase or use any neonicotinoid pesticides for any purpose and will seek to use only pollinator-friendly methods of weed and pest control management on any city-owned or operated land.

• The Mayor and the Seattle City Council supports a national moratorium on the sale and use of neonicotinoids.

• The Mayor and Seattle City Council strongly urges the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to suspend the registration of imidacloprid, clothianidin, thiamethoxam, dinotafuran and any other neonicotinoids until the EPA can complete its environmental assessments.

• The Mayor and the Seattle City Council strongly urges the White House Task Force on Pollinator Health to recommend or institute an immediate moratorium on all uses of neonicotinoids.

• The Mayor and Seattle City Council strongly urges businesses operating within the City of Seattle to take immediate steps to ensure NO plants, seeds, or products containing neonicotinoids are purchased, sold, or used within the City of Seattle.

***The City of Eugene, Oregon, became the first community in the nation to specifically ban from city property the use of "neonic" pesticides earlier this year. Spokane, Washington, was next in line in June. Shorewood, Minnesota, followed in August. THANK YOU, to all the citizens of SEATTLE, for stepping up to#SaveTheBees and #SaveOurPollinators - which city will be LUCKY NUMBER FIVE?!?

MANY THANKS to the Coalition of Organizations, and many volunteers that made this possible, including (but not limited to) Central Co-op (who co-sponsored the online petition), Seattle TilthBee Safe Neighborhoods,Bee Against MonsantoSeattle March Against Monsanto, NW Center For Alternative To Pesticides,, CAGJ, Beacon Food Forest,Seattle Sierra Club and all of the amazing people we met, who personally signed the offline petition. Thank You!  

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